When Starting a Business – Passion Trumps Cash!
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When Starting a Business – Passion Trumps Cash!

One thing that holds so many people back from starting their business is the lack of capital. The truth is that we can make up for that in spades with passion. When you truly have passion for your idea it quickly turns into momentum and real progress is made regardless of the size of your bank account.

When people ask me why I started my business, they expect to hear something about how I have a business degree and wanted to execute a strategic plan for my idea. They always seem surprised when I say “I couldn’t not start it!”

I had become obsessed with this product idea that I needed, it was missing in the marketplace and it gave me butterflies in my stomach. I couldn’t seem to let go of the idea even though I had no business experience, no money and no idea how to build a business. What I did have was passion and it was enough. You don’t need to worry about the money part…yet. Just get started!

I recently read a great Inc. magazine article by Marla Tabaka talking about exactly this, following our intuition and listening to our gut. Intuitive consultant Sonia Choquette says “By using intellect only, and not your innate wisdom, you are keeping yourself from the most powerful insights.”  I can relate to that as it’s fear that stops us from listening to our intuition. We need to let go of fear and learn to think positive and understand the strength of intuition, which is a form of passion.

Once you decide to listen, you begin to move forward with your idea. There are other commodities that can make up for lack of money such as:  Time, Effort, Creativity and Positive Mindset.


The research part of the start up is free. It just takes time, which is easier to find than money. So, utilize your time to do research. Set aside just 15-30 minutes a day to see if your idea is viable.


Get organized in your planning. Have a designated place whether it’s your computer or a notebook where you plan goals and make lists, check things off and celebrate progress.


Utilize your creativity with everything including thinking of ways to find the money for this business down the road. When you use your creative energy, one idea leads to another and things materialize.

Positive Thoughts

This reminds me of a book I read many years ago called “We Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought” by Peter McWilliams.  It really made an impact on me. It doesn’t cost a dime to be optimistic and the value is priceless. It keeps us moving forward toward our goals and helps us to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

There’s a powerful exercise called “Act As If” that helps to get your mindset in that place of truly believing that you are successful. Picture it in your mind. Actually see yourself driving that dream car, going to cash the first check from your big client. Visualize whatever makes you feel successful in regard to this venture. Your body will then actually believe it’s true and you have this sense of confidence to get to work.  Make calls and meetings filled with the feeling of success (not intimidation), as if you already own it.

So, focus on your gut rather than your bank account. See what you can do to build up your idea into something special. At that point, you are so full of  passion and knowledge that you will find the money.

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