Family Vacation
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Family Vacation

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Happy New Year and all my best wishes to everyone in 2010.

I have wanted to write that for 3 weeks, but have just not had a chance to get around to it. But here I am … finally being able to write a new blog.

Between work and kids there is hardly any time to relax, so we booked tickets to go and see some very dear and close friends of ours that have moved back to Florida. We live in California, so it was a nice change of scenery. Although California is usually sunny, it is not as warm as Florida during the winter months. Well, actually that is not completely true… we experienced the coldest weather Florida has had in the past 50 years, which was quite cold.. especially when only having short sleeves and thin sweaters with us!
After a red-eye flight we arrived in Fort Lauderdale, where we were picked up by my dear friend Sylvia. She is the godmother to our 3 daughters, who all ran up to her and threw themselves in her arms. We had a nice flight and it was pretty short after our opinion, since we usually fly to Europe, which is at least twice as long.
It didn’t take long to get settled in, since Sylvia and her husband are very hospitable. Their 2 daughters got along really well with our girls and it was heaven for us all. As a working mom, with my own business, I of course never get a 100% break. I take my work (which includes both computer and kids)  with me whereever I go, but this year I decided to try and relax and refuel for 2010. I think it is important for everybody to get some down time, because it is impossible to keep going without never getting a break. So although I spent some time by the computer I also got to enjoy my children, husband, my friends and my godchildren (oh yes, I forgot to mention that I am the proud godmother of my friend’s two girls).
During our nice relaxing stay we did a lot of fun stuff, such as visiting the Children’s Discovery museum in Miami, fun boat ride through the Everglades to see the Alligators, beach and many more things. But the BEST part of this vacation….. being with
family and friends.

Now we are already well into January of 2010 and I am excited about this year. What great things will happen and what kind of new adventures will we be able to experience.
I wish all of you a wonderful 2010!!!

We even had time to go and meet a professional photographer and she took some great images of us. I have attached one of my favorites.

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