Cool Back to School Decor Ideas
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Cool Back to School Decor Ideas

It’s almost time to send your kids back to school and you know what that means… homework is coming. After spending 7(ish) hours a day sitting in a classroom, it’s hard to get those butts back in the seat to study!

Decorating a student’s work space can make it considerably more inviting, though. A fun and fashionable work space can make homework seem more like an activity and less like a punishment, so try out these simple DIY work space decorations!

Coffee Can Organizers

Old coffee cans or small paint cans can be covered with colorful paper and other crafty bits and bobs for a fun way to hold pens and pencils. It’s more fun (and considerably less expensive) than a store-bought desk organizer.

Here’s what you need:

  • Empty (and cleaned out) coffee or paint can
  • Paper and tape
  • Assorted crafty items (like ribbons, glitter, twine, buttons, glue, macaroni noodles etc.)


Wrap the paper around the can and tape it into place. Then, glue your assorted crafty pieces onto the outside of the can. Protip: If you plan on drawing or writing on paper, do it before you tape it to the can.

Decorate an Old Desk

Personalize an old school desk with fun colors and patterns that will make any student want to sit down and do their homework.

With painter’s tape and some paint, you can transform any desk using simple color blocking and a classic diamond pattern. It’s a fun afternoon project for moms and kids to do together!

Download the full directions in PDF form here

Personalized Clipboard

Nothing’s more “professional” looking than a good clipboard (besides maybe a briefcase), but the typical brown slabs are just so unappealing. Fancify your dullest of office supplies in just a few simple steps. This project is great for kids, because everyone uses clipboards, and kids love color!

Here’s what you need:

  • A clipboard (or several)
  • Glue
  • Scrapbooking, wall, or wrapping paper – anything with a fun print
  • Craft knife
  • Clear paint varnish and a paintbrush



Glue your paper to the board’s flat surfaces and cut off the excess with a craft knife. Then, paint your varnish over the paper to make a smooth surface that won’t rip or be otherwise ruined. Let it dry in a well ventilated area (preferably outside) because well, it’s not the best idea to smell the fumes if you can help it.

Do you have any cute decor ideas for kids’ work spaces?

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