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Cool Back to School Decor Ideas

It’s almost time to send your kids back to school and you know what that means… homework is coming. After spending 7(ish) hours a day sitting in a classroom, it’s hard to get those butts back in the seat to study! Decorating a student’s work space can make it considerably more inviting, though. A fun and fashionable work space can make homework seem more like an activity and less like a punishment, so try out these simple DIY work space decorations! Coffee Can Organizers

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5 New Mom Facebook Fails

So you’re a new mom, and of course you want to share every adorable baby photo and every precious anecdote about your little bundle of joy with all of your friends. But wait! Before you hit Facebook, there are a few simple rules that every parent should follow. Seriously, it will make the virtual world a much better place for the rest of us. Here are five common new mom Facebook fails: 1. Creating an account for your baby

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Blended: Interview with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler are two of the most likable, generally endearing actors in Hollywood – and the best news is that in person, they’re every bit as affable and adorable as the characters we’ve grown to love. The two have quite the movie-making history. Their first time working together was back in 1998 with The Wedding Singer, which Barrymore recounts as sort of kismet. “I called him because I [knew] that we …