“Nuts About You” Mother/Daughter Bracelet Craft
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“Nuts About You” Mother/Daughter Bracelet Craft

Looking for a fun way to entertain your kids during those long summer days? We’ve got the perfect mother-daughter craft idea!

These bracelets are absolutely adorable and so simple to make – all for less than $5!!!

Here’s what you need:

  • 10 small hex nuts, available at any hardware store
  • 1 slightly larger hex nut
  • Old nail polish
  • Leather or nylon cord (We used 1/8 in thick leather cording for Mom’s bracelet, and 2 mm “sparkly silky” cord for the child’s bracelet)
  • Scissors
  • Scotch tape


Cut three lengths of cord, approximately 18 inches long for a child’s bracelet or 21 inches long for an adult’s bracelet.
Then, using old nail polish, paint the smaller hex nuts some fun colors. Let dry completely.

(Moms can leave their hex nuts gold or silver for a more sophisticated look.)

Tie a knot at the top, then thread the cords through the larger hex nut and tie a second knot about an inch from the top.

Tape the top of your cord to a table or flat surface and begin braiding. Braid about two inches down, then stop.

Braid in your hex nuts, alternating sides, until you have five on each side.

Finish braiding for another two inches and knot the end – but DON’T CUT OFF THE EXTRA LENGTH YET!

Thread the extra length through the larger hex nut in the opposite direction, so the two ends will lie flat against the arm.

Tip: you may need a toothpick to poke the cord through.

Tie another knot about an inch from the end. Cut off the extra length and there you go! Mother/daughter best friend bracelets!


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