Easy Kids Thanksgiving Crafts
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Easy Kids Thanksgiving Crafts

Put together Thanksgiving crafts for your child to create memories, or use the crafts as an opportunity to make homemade decorations and teach him about the holiday. The level of difficulty should match your child’s abilities, particularly if you want her to complete the craft on her own. Plan a few different crafts that you believe your child will enjoy so she can choose her favorites.


Your child can craft a paper turkey on construction paper and glue it to a large white poster board. Create feathers out of orange, red and yellow construction paper. Every night, each member of the family can write something he is thankful for on a feather and let the child glue it to the turkey.

Have your child trace her handprints on numerous pieces of colored thin paper, such as tissue or waffle paper. Cut out the handprints and have her write the names of people or things she is thankful for on each hand. Glue hands to a wreath or round piece of craft foam to create a wreath of thankfulness.

For the Table

Make a Pilgrim’s hat using black construction paper. Flip the hat upside down and place a terra cotta pot filled with goodies inside of it. Alternatively, create a mock feather headdress using a 3-inch band of brown construction paper. Glue on different colored feathers to slip over the terra cotta pot.

Create a Glowbird by adding a wooden doll head to a votive holder. Cover the head with colorful tissue paper and cover with decoupage glue sealant. Make tail feathers out of tissue paper and attach the feathers to the body. For a safer alternative, you can use a LED candle instead of an open flame.

Create a corny napkin ring by cutting empty tissue tubes into rings. Glue painted corn kernels around the tube.

Make place mats for each place setting. Use construction paper to make a turkey shape and create the feathers out of your child’s handprints. Another option is to have your child make a collage on poster board using pictures from past Thanksgivings or cut out of a magazine. Laminate the place mats to use them for dinner and save for future holidays.

Favor Bags

Create favor bags to send each Thanksgiving guest home with a small treat or gift of appreciation. Have your child draw a pumpkin on orange fabric. He can use a cookie cutter or stencil if he cannot draw a pumpkin free-hand. Create two pumpkin shapes for each favor bag he needs to make. Attach two pumpkins, using fabric glue along the side and bottom edges. Turn fabric inside out and you have a favor bag. Your child can draw faces or write the guests’ names on the bags.

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