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Why I decided to be a surrogate…

Infertility is something that is close to my heart as a very dear person in my life has been suffering from it for many years.  I wish I could change things for her, but I can’t.  I don’t have that power.  Still, with every negative pregnancy test and each failed attempt to carry a baby (even with help of fertility specialists) I found my heart breaking right along with her.  I couldn’t imagine the amount of pain she was going through, not being able to get pregnant or feel her baby growing inside of her.  That’s when I realized that I do have the opportunity to help.

My four pregnancies were easy, and with no complications whatsoever, not so much as even a c-section.  So, while I may not be able to change someone’s circumstances, I have the ability to help them start a family through surrogacy.  First and foremost I offered to be a surrogate to the person closest to me, but it was not a step she was ready to take.  Her desire is to carry and feel her baby inside her, which I fully understand and respect. 

With my husband’s full support, love and respect I decided to look further into surrogacy.  My search was overwhelming as there are so many people out there who are having troubles starting a family of their own.  The more research I did the more I knew I was supposed to do this, I was supposed to be a surrogate.  I was put in a position to help someone, so I chose an agency to work with and started on my journey to become a surrogate.   

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