Hang in There Moms, Words of Encouragement from Expressing Motherhood
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Hang in There Moms, Words of Encouragement from Expressing Motherhood

Hang in there moms, we may be in self-quarantine due to COVID-19, but there are ways we can make it through each day with a little encouragement from each other. 

This Mother’s Day video from cast members and fans of Expressing Motherhood, reminds us to go easy on ourselves and find moments for self care. We have to do the best we can right now. 

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Scouring social media, there are numerous posts from women talking about the struggle of managing home life and work life, that its wearing on all of us. Women who usually have their days planned out with childcare, carpool, and assistance at home are suddenly carrying the weight of everything in one environment and there’s no escape. 

Recognizing this struggle and the many posts in social media about the plight of moms in this moment, the video and upcoming Mother’s Day live show on Expressing Motherhood’s Instagram feed aim to lift spirits and build community. The show includes cast members from across the country and features unique stories of motherhood during COVID-19. 

In addition to bringing awareness to the plight of moms at home, the live show and fundraiser put a spotlight on women on  the frontlines in both healthcare and the restaurant industry. According to ROC United, a majority of restaurant workers — 54 percent— are women. Over two-thirds (67 percent) of restaurant workers who rely on tips are women. Teaming up with Frontline Foods supports both women in healthcare and the restaurant industry.