How To Cover Grey Roots Like A Pro
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How To Cover Grey Roots Like A Pro

This conversation and demonstration on How to Cover Grey Roots Like a Pro is brought to you by Clairol. All opinions are my own.

I am the ponytail queen. Very rarely do I wear my hair down. Even on evenings out with friends it is a toss up as to whether I actually let my hair down. It is not because I don’t like my hair, it is a time thing. My hair is naturally curly. But not cute, curly. It is ‘did you stick your finger in a light socket’ frizzy curly. So to make it look good at all I have to straighten it. As a busy single mom of three, taking an hour on my hair is simply not an option.

How to Cover Grey Roots Like a Pro with Nice N Easy

I don’t generally color, or keep up with coloring my hair, for the same reason. That is why I have two toned hair now. My last color was well over a year ago and I have no plans to recolor it, learning to live with the two tones hair I have. I have convinced myself that I don’t have the time to sit in a chair and that my natural hair color, once it completely grows out, is fine. It is, really. Unfortunately, as I push 45, my natural color that is growing in is starting to gray. Now, I have to find the time to cover those gray roots that are aging me more than I would like. I’ll be honest, I am so beauty routine challenged that I thought that I could only get gray coverage in a salon. So I just pulled my hair up and planned to have it done ‘someday’. It was not until I discovered Clairol Root Touch-Up by Nice ‘n Easy that I realized that I could cover those gray roots like a pro in 10 minutes in my bathroom! Yes, you heard me! 10 minutes plus the time to apply it is all it takes!

How to Cover Grey Roots Like a Pro with Root Touch Up

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I started by reading the directions. I have not done at home hair color in any way in probably 20 years. So I needed a good refresher on how to do it. A few days before I applies the product to cover my grey roots like a pro, I did the suggested allergy test to make sure I would not have a reaction. There are gloves included and I made sure the shirt I was wearing was a toss away. You don’t want to mess up your nice clothes in case the color comes in contact with them.

How to Cover Grey Roots Like a Pro with Clairol

When I was ready, I mixed the color, my color was 6A, Light Ash Brown, one of the 21 shades to choose from, with the Activating Lotion using the Expert Control Brush, and went to work. I applied Clairol’s Root Touch-Up by Nice ‘n Easy.

A few tips:

  • Comb or brush your hair in the style you wear.
  • Use the styling tip of the Expert Control Brush to part your hair and expose the roots.

How to Cover Grey Roots Like a Pro with the styling tool

  • Apply the color generously on the roots, your temple and around your face. Saturate well. There is plenty of product. My hair has a section that is really grey so I left my color on about 5 minutes more to really cover it.

How to Cover Grey Roots Like a Pro with great color

  • Leave the color on for 10 minutes and then rinse and condition. Do not shampoo.
  • Style your hair and you are done!

How to Cover Grey Roots Like a Pro and condition too

I am in week 2 of my color and it is still beautiful and working well. The product lasts about 3 weeks and provides me with 100% grey coverage.

How to Cover Grey Roots Like a Pro with the brush

I have really tested the 3 weeks of coverage the last few weeks. Summer around Texas starts early so our neighborhood pool opens early! I have been in the chlorine pool almost every day with my kids. I am not a mom that sits on the sidelines. I like to be in the water throwing my kids around, letting them stand on my shoulders and enjoying them.

How to Cover Grey Roots Like a Pro and look more together

Add to that my daily shower after CrossFit and I have put my hair through the ringer. I fully expected the 3 week timeline to be shorter for me. But, here I sit, a full two weeks plus later and I have no fading! I LOVE it!

How to Cover Grey Roots Like a Pro and watch it stay

Beauty aficionado or not, Root Touch-Up by Nice ‘n Easy lives up to the promise. It is affordable, less than $7 a box, easy to apply, quick to cover and lasts! I would absolutely use this in between salon colorings as well to make it last longer!

How to Cover Grey Roots Like a Pro with Root Touch-Up

I am so glad I was approached to share my experience on how to cover grey roots like a pro. I feel more confident, younger and less ‘neglected’ with my greys covered!

How to Cover Grey Roots Like a Pro and feel confident

When was the last time you tried to cover your roots at home?