Is Surrogacy Right For You?
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Is Surrogacy Right For You?

At some point in your life, you have experienced the fulfillment of bringing happiness and peace to another person’s life. No matter how large or small the good deed you performed, you know in your heart that you have been a positive influence, and that is incredibly rewarding. Imagine, then, bringing hope to loving couples who feel hopeless about starting a family. Everyone should be able to settle down and have a family with the person they love most. Consider being part of the positive movement that is surrogacy. As a surrogate parent, you could help bring one of the greatest joys possible, a newborn, into needy couples’ lives, and make a lasting impact on their relationship, their dreams, and their lifetime goals. What could possibly be better?

Surrogate mothers can carry a child in two ways: they can either donate an ovum and carry a couple’s baby using an artificial fertilization process, or they can simply donate the use of their womb for an already fertilized baby, in a process known as in vitro fertilization. As a surrogate mother, you would have absolute say in which form of a surrogate parenting service you are willing and able to perform.

Surrogate mothers must have already delivered at least one baby to qualify. This ensures the expecting parents that their child is being carried by a woman who already has experienced a pregnancy and is still healthy enough to carry another. You will also be counseled to ensure you are psychologically healthy and are in a positive environment that ensures safe and healthy growth for the developing infant.

Surrogate parenting is a gift that can bring unmatched happiness to all parties involved. Here are a few more reasons that you should consider performing the service of surrogate parenting:

• As a surrogate mother, you would undergo regular health screenings at no cost to you. This would involve periodic doctors visits, labs and ultrasounds related to the pregnancy, and any other related medical needs you may have.

• As a surrogate mother, you will have the chance to meet with the individual or couple looking to hire your services as a surrogate. This will ensure that you are comfortable and happy with the service you are performing. You can continue to have contact with the individual or couple throughout the process as often as suits all parties involved.

• Surrogate mothers are invited to partake in weekly counseling sessions, and have a private counselor available to them any time they are needed. You can feel safe knowing that you will never be going through this pregnancy alone. If you have questions, concerns, or any other difficulties during the process, a counselor will always be available to help you.

• In addition to being personally rewarding, surrogacy is a financially rewarding service for you. Expecting parents who hire a surrogate mother are well aware of the fees involved in your service, and you can experience the benefits of being paid to carry a child.

• Surrogate mothers will have access to top-notch, quality health care, with excellent doctors and access to esteemed medical facilities. No expense will be spared when it comes to ensuring your health needs are met.

If you have not previously considered surrogacy, please take the time to consider if this would be right for you. The gift of a child is beyond compare, and if you just take the time to contact an agency, they can walk you through the requirements and the application process. If you qualify, you will experience first-hand the previously mentioned benefits, along with the personal fulfillment of making a couple truly happy thanks to your help.

Joanne Bubrick has been the Program Administrator for the Center for Surrogate Parenting, Inc. ( for the California office since 1997 and is honored and proud to work with such a wonderful organization. She is the mother of Hannah, born in 1995, and step-mom to Brian, her husband Paul’s son. Joanne and Paul prefer to spend most of their free time with their family and friends.

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