My Very, Very Busy Day at Banfield
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My Very, Very Busy Day at Banfield

The following is a guest post by Candace Cameron-Bure in partnership with Banfield Pet Hospital.

My three kids got a kick out of learning that I would be playing a veterinarian on Netflix’s upcoming “Fuller House,” so to brush up on my vet skills I partnered with Banfield Pet Hospital to learn the ropes. The Banfield team arranged for me to visit a hospital for a day to shadow veterinarian Dr. Andrea Sanchez.

Here are the three things I learned:

  1. Passion for pets is universal. From my behind-the-scenes experience of working in a busy pet hospital with Dr. Sanchez and her talented team, I saw firsthand how the compassionate and informative veterinarians also help teach pet parents, such as myself, about the importance of being a responsible pet owner. My one-year-old Rottweiler Boris is the sweetest and his health is extremely important to me. As a mom, I am always interested in finding different ways to teach my family about caring for others, including our pets.
  1. Doggy breath is not always a normal thing! February marks National Pet Dental Health Month, so now is the perfect time to get the whole family involved in your pet’s dental care – things like brushing at home, providing special treats and making sure we schedule at least two appointments a year with our vet.
  1. It is important to educate your kids about responsible pet ownership. I received a beautiful, new family-friendly children’s book called “My Very, Very Smelly Breath.” It is a scratch-and-sniff book (so fun!) that was written to educate children on responsible pet ownership, including providing the very, very best care for their pet’s teeth. This adorable book is available at all Banfield hospitals across the country – and 100 percent of those donations will go to the Banfield Foundation to provide dental and preventive care to pets in need. I love knowing that I’m not just teaching my kids how to better care for Boris, I’m also helping pets across the country receive really important medical care.

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