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Pure Acai Berry Ingredients

The acai berry, the dark purple fruit of the acai palm tree native to the Amazon rain forest, has spawned a diet craze in recent years because of its alleged ability to promote weight loss. Pure Acai Berry is one of the many acai berry dietary supplements available. It contains only one main ingredient–freeze-dried acai berry–enclosed within a vegetable-based capsule. Pure Acai Berry lacks the additional, inactive ingredients that traditional dietary supplements include.

Acai Berry

According to the Pure Acai Berry official site, the main–and only–active ingredient in Pure Acai Berry is the unprocessed, freeze-dried acai berry. Acai berries are highly perishable and need to be consumed less than 18 hours after picking in order to retain the maximum amount of nutrients and physiological benefits. To use the acai berries in a dietary supplement, they must be dried. Using traditional fruit-drying methods would result in the berry losing significant amounts of nutrients. The producers of Pure Acai Berry advertise that they only use acai berries that have been freeze-dried within 18 hours of picking, a method that avoids the use of any additional chemicals that can be used to begin and speed the drying process.

Each Pure Acai Berry supplement contains 1,500MG of powdered acai berry.

Vegetable Capsules

The capsule coating on many dietary supplements is derived from gelatin or other animal-based products. Pure Acai Berry uses vegetable-based capsules made from cellulose, the basic compound making up the cell wall of green plants. The capsules are clear and contain no preservatives, starch or gluten.

No Fillers

Many dietary supplements contain a number of additional, inactive ingredients that act as fillers, binders or flowing agents. Their purpose is to even out the weight of the capsule, to prevent the active ingredient from clumping together, and to make the main ingredients easier to work with during production. Unfortunately, in many cases these fillers make up more of the supplement than the actual ingredient you are interested in purchasing. According to the producers of Pure Acai Berry, their supplements contain none of these inactive ingredients. They advertise that when purchasing their product, you are receiving exactly what you’re paying for–pure acai berry.

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