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7 Filling Breakfast Ideas Under 300 Calories

Everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A filling, healthy breakfast can start your morning off right and lead to less unhealthy meal choices throughout your day. Here are 7 easy and delicious breakfast options, all under 300 calories. 1. Scrambled Egg Burrito Despite what you may believe, a burrito doesnt have to be packed with calories. Scramble eggs with tomato, cilantro, low-fat cheddar cheese. Wrap in a fat-free tortilla and add chunky salsa or your favorite hot sauce for some added spice.

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Four Filling Fiber Foods

Fiber. It’s one of those things that sometimes escapes the mind when thinking of nutritious essentials, but it’s darn important! It’s a special type of carbohydrate found mainly on the outer layer of plants that helps fuel the body. Why so unique? Well, it passes through the human digestive system nearly unchanged–that’s right, it never breaks down.

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Make Life Fulfilling

None of us are ever really sure of how much time we have. Now and then you may have pondered if I knew how much time I had, what would my top priorities to make my life as fulfilling as possible be? For me a lot of happiness comes from my relationships with my family, therefore spending time with them is a huge priority. What I do know is- our time is limited!Here is …