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Vacation Ideas for Families With Young Children

Vacationing with young children requires planning, patience and flexibility. A vacation filled with a heavy sightseeing schedule may result in temper tantrums, missed naps and stress. Relying on public transportation is difficult because of car seat issues and limited schedules. Young children are often happier with vacations that allow lots of activity and less structure. Choosing child-friendly hotels and activities that allow for nap time will be more relaxing for kids and parents.

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Benefits of Cell Phones for Kids

“But all my friends have one,” may be a constant argument if your child really wants you to get her a cell phone. While some parents may fear giving their child a cell phone opens the door to danger, such as the child contacting undesirable people without the parent knowing or a teenager texting her boyfriend at all hours of the day and night, other parents view the cell phone as a safety tool.

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5 Fun Family Earth Day Activities

April 22 is Earth Day – an annual reminder to protect the environment and live green. We all know the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, and today is the perfect opportunity to talk to your little ones about the importance of eco-friendly behavior. By engaging your kids in environmentally-friendly activities early on, they can reap good habits of sustainable living as adults. Here are some great ways to celebrate Earth Day: