Son, Before You Go, I Want You To Know…
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Son, Before You Go, I Want You To Know…


I know you are busy playing on your phone. I know that show on television is oh so interesting. I know that you’re hungry after a hard day at school. Yes, believe it or not I do understand all of this. But Son, I am so tired of being ignored. At this point I would appreciate a simple nod of your head when I ask you to take the trash out. I promise, your life would be so much easier if you would just do what I ask when I ask! Don’t you think your morning would have gone a lot smoother if you had put both of your shoes together in the same spot like I asked you to the night before? I’m sorry you can’t find your favorite shirt, it was in the folded laundry I asked you to put up two days ago. Oh and please, I beg you, start throwing your candy wrappers away. I found a whole stash of them stuffed in between the couch cushions.

There is something very important that I want you to understand. I don’t like nagging as much as you don’t like to hear it. By the time you get home from school or practice or your friends house, I am already exhausted. You see I used the time you were gone to get my chores done so that maybe we could spend some time together. But when you got home, I was busy picking up all the clothes that you stripped off walking to the couch. Once I was finished doing that, I had to clean the dishes that you dirtied, making your after school snack. I’m sorry I lost my temper and yelled at you. I am just so tired, my day started before the sun was up. I had to make sure that you were awake this morning and ready for the bus. I get so frustrated because I just want you to listen and pick up after yourself.

There is something else I want you to know. I love you. I love you at your worst and I love you at your best. There are times when I may not like you very much or agree with your choices but, son, I will never stop loving you, even when you’re mean to me. I want you to dream big and never stop learning. I want you to promise to never try drugs, but if you do come to me and talk to me about it. Remember there is nothing you can do to end my love for you. You must always trust in God and ask for his guidance in all that you do. Follow your heart and never be afraid to ask for help. Take the bull by the horns and live life!

Travel to faraway places, just remember to call every once in awhile. A mother’s worry never fades. Always wear your seat belt! No matter how old you are use your manners and always treat ladies with honor and respect. Don’t kiss and tell and contrary to popular belief NO means NO! Be confident, go after what you want. Regret is an awful feeling. Forgive others and forgive yourself, and always choose love! Please help those in need, but at the same time pray for discernment, it never feels good to be used. Be kind, and build others up. Start your day with prayer and end your day with prayer, never ceasing in between.

Now that I have that off my chest, I am so grateful that I still have a few years with you at home. I know that one day I will blink and you will be walking out my door to start your own adventure. I will always keep a “one more” for after “this is the last time”. I will clean up your messes, wipe your tears, mend your broken heart, and continue to teach you life lessons, while I still have the chance. I will nag, gripe, whine, and plead for your help and I will still demand that you listen to me. I will laugh at your silly jokes and hang your fine artwork all over my walls. I will feed your never ending hunger and make sure I have enough for your friends too. When you are a teenager, I will stay up late and I will not rest until you are home tucked in your bed. I will cherish the memories we make for all of my life and my heart will always swell with love and pride at the mention of your name.

The love between a mother and her son is immeasurable. He looks at her with wonder and amazement and she looks back at him the same.

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