Summer Fitness Tips for Moms from Gabby Reece
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Summer Fitness Tips for Moms from Gabby Reece

Gabby Reece is a mother of two, former professional beach volleyball player and  an expert when it comes to getting in shape. Here are her 5 tips for staying fit this summer.

Take Mindful Strides: “One of the best movements you can do for your health is simply walking. I like make walking a full body workout through timed intervals. Walk at your usual speed for 3 to 5 minutes, and then pick up the pace for 30 seconds. Repeat this for the duration of your walk and feel your glutes fire. You can do this will the kids too.”

Breathe Deeply: “While finding the time to take a breath as a mom can often be a challenge, it’s essential for muscle recovery and pain-free aging. Breathing deeply on its own, and in a focused way, helps you get needed oxygen to your muscles—and it also gives you a moment to simply pause and release stress. One of my favorite breathing exercises is breathing deeply in and out, fill up your lower stomach, do a set of 30 then exhale and hold for 30 seconds. Do that for three sets.”

Jump Around: “Channel your inner child by taking your workout to the trampoline. It’s fun, tones your body and is great for relieving stress. Whether I’m on a large trampoline outside or a mini-trampoline indoors, I sweat through this low-impact cardio workout and watch calories bounce away.”

Find the Time: “Treat your workouts like every other appointment you have and don’t cancel. On Sunday evenings, I take a look at my week and schedule specific time slots for exercise. I also set weekly exercise goals and try to stay on a regular movement regimen.”

Make a Splash: “If you have access to a pool, dive in for an exercise that’s as good for the body as it is kind (read: low impact). Swim 10 ‘sprint’ sets from side to side, resting 30 seconds between each one. Encourage a family member to join, and alternate until you have each completed 10 full sets. Finish things off with five to seven sets of 10 shallow-water squat jumps to work your legs and heart without hurting your joints.”

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