Sweet and Salty Snacks You Can Feel Good About
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Sweet and Salty Snacks You Can Feel Good About

We all know we should be snacking on fruits and vegetables, but let’s be realistic. That doesn’t always happen. Sometimes you just need something sweet or salty or a combo of both. We rounded up some yummy options you can feel good about eating when you have the munchies!


Ok, these are just about the best thing we’ve ever tasted. They are handcrafted fair-trade verified non-GMO (so you can feel better about eating the entire bag). They are ridiculously good dark chocolate mixed with nuts, seeds, fruit and even quinoa. While it’s tough to pick a favorite, we are going to go with the Dark Chocolate Pretzel- OMG!

Arctic Zero

We are big fans of this frozen dessert. Gluten-free and made with whey protein – an entire pint only has 150 calories! What?! With flavors like Sea Salt Caramel, Orange Cream, Coconut, Chocolate Peanut Butter – we are in love.


Popcorn is always a win – but how about organic, non-GMO and super tasty? The kettle corn flavor is to-die-for.

KIND bars

These are just way too tasty to be all natural but they are! Next time you want to grab a candy bar, pick the Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt bar instead. You’ll thank me later. And the new STRONG bars also have 10 grams of protein.

Food Should Taste Good

These chips definitely taste good while managing to be non-GMO, gluten free, cholesterol free with zero trans fats. Your toughest decision is going to be which flavor to choose. YUM.

Chex Mix

Chex Mix is here for your salty cravings – new flavors like Popped White Cheddar, Chipotle Cheddar, Trail Mix and more will let you mix it up!


When you need to crunch on some delicious nuts, they’ve got you covered. Oh and they have other yummy snacks too.


Snack Bites cheese snacks only have 20 calories per stick and are available in four yummy flavors – our favorite are the Chipotle BBQ Cheddar, but they are all taste sensations…


These are popsicles – reinvented. LifeIce are all natural, fat free, low in calories ands sugars frozen snacks. “Ditch the stick” and enjoy these mini-popsicles!


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