Zolie Zi – Must-Read Anti-Bullying Book Series
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Zolie Zi – Must-Read Anti-Bullying Book Series

Bullying is a huge issue with kids. That’s why we love the Zolie Zi children’s book series.

Second-grader Zolie Zi is the main character and narrator in a realistic yet funny series that promotes literacy, anti-bullying, self-esteem and respect. Zolie Zi is a normally happy little girl who loves school, until she has to face a very difficult problem with two of our classmates who find it fun to bully her every day. The situation makes her not want to go to school anymore, even though she loves school.

“Zolie Zi books are dedicated to all the little girls and boys who have been bullied and will be bullied,” says author, Sonya J. Bowser. “Silence is not the answer. Speak up and speak out, just like Zolie Zi. Bullying must be stopped and it starts with you!”

Bully Bullies Zolie Zi book-coverBowser struggled with low self-esteem as a child after being bullied about having big lips and a wide nose. Then, as an adult, she was bullied on the job. That’s when Bowser threw herself into creating what is now the “Zolie Zi Empire,” including Zolie Zi books, dolls, markers, posters, note pads, wall clocks, bracelets, blankets, posters and more. Bowser’s third book in the Zolie Zi series will be coming out soon, and a movie is currently in development.

Find out more about Zolie Zi and her friends, or buy the books now at www.zoliezi.com.