Popular Asian Baby Names

The beautiful and diverse continent of Asia is the birthplace of many tempting name choices. When selecting the perfect name for your new baby, consider some of these options. Not only do they deviate from the American norm, they are also deeply rooted in history and carry connected meanings, allowing you to give your child a name with symbolic importance.


The name Adil is a popular Asian boy’s name. This name comes for ancient Arabic and translates to “justice,” making it particularly appropriate for parents who value fairness, equality and the fight for what’s right.


If your newborn is a particularly attractive boy, you may want to consider the name Gao. This Chinese name means “handsome,” making it a great choice for a baby who is particularly pleasing to behold.


Abdul is a common choice among Asian parents. This name, which is almost always reserved for boys, is from an Arabic word meaning “the servant,” tying it to religious devotion and dedication to a higher being.


Tasanee is a girl’s name of Thai origins. This name means “beautiful view,” making it reflective of the beauty that a new baby often enters the world possessing.


Reflect the luck that you hope your daughter will have in life by selecting the name Fukuko. This name is of Japanese origin and translates to mean “lucky child.”


If you feel that your new infant was a gift from above, make your name choice reflective of this belief. Select the name Amane, which is from a Japanese word meaning “sounds of the heavens,” as a moniker for your new child.


Pick a name that reflects the strength you hope your new son has by naming him Takeo. This name means “warrior” and is of Japanese origin.


Abhiti is an ancient Asian name that still proves popular today. This name is almost always used for girls. It comes from a Sanskrit word meaning “fearless,” making it an apt choice for parents who hope to raise a girl with boundless courage.



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