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Popular Spanish Baby Names

Parents in picturesque Spain often select names that differ greatly from those popular in the United States. These names commonly posses an extra touch of Spanish-inspired flair and may prove enticing for parents who have Spanish ties or who appreciate the culture present in this European nation.


Many Spanish parents select the name Clarisa for their baby girls. This name means bright and famous, making it an ideal choice for parents who hope that their child grows to be someone uncommon and special.


Martial is a common baby name for boys in Spain. This name is uncommon to many American baby namers. It is most closely related to the English name Marshall and is pronounced in a similar fashion.


The name Daria strikes the fancy of many Spanish parents. This name is originally of Perisian origin and means “queenly.” This name is more popular in the United States than it once was, but it still has yet to experience the same popularity it enjoys in Spain.


Bartley is a common baby boy name choice for Spanish baby namers. This name is originally of English origin and means “birch tree meadow,” but has in recent decades began to strike the interest of Spanish baby name hunters.


Many parents in Spain select the name Maya for their new baby girl. This name comes from a Hindi word meaning “dream” and is a short version of the Spanish classic Amalia.


This version of the classic English name Arthur is a popular choice in Spain. The classic British version of this name rose to popularity as a result of the stories of the Knights of the Round Table and has since made its way to Spain and taken on this variant.


The name Isabel is the Spanish version of the popular English name Elizabeth. This name, like the English name to which it is related, means, “God’s promise,” making it a popular choice among religious parents.


The name Alejandro is a popular Spanish baby boy name choice. This name means “the protector,” making it appropriate for parents who hope that their now-delicate baby grows into a strong man.

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