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Last weekend my husband and I watched Morning Glory. It was hilarious and we really enjoyed it! My Hubby and I were definitely laughing hard at some of the scenes. If you are looking for a new movie I would definitely recommend it.

On the weekend we usually try to fit in one movie together. Even though we almost always watch movies at home, it is something we really look forward too! Some weekends we watch a movie in the middle of the afternoon because we are always out on the town in the evening. OK, not really! What I meant to say is even though we are super cool we have been known to get tired at 8pm :0)

While my daughter was napping- supposed to be napping! And my son was watching a kid’s movie, my Hubby and I settled in to watch Morning Glory. Click, click… the familiar sound of a kid opening the door handle. Usually it happens in the middle of the night though! My son just wanted to come in to tell Daddy that there was a baseball game on. Awe, how sweet! He knows how much his Dad loves watching sports.

Despite the lure of a baseball game my husband decided to stay and continue watching our movie. A few minutes later… click, click. “Dad, I just wanted to let you know that this baseball game is the last baseball game EVER, because tomorrow a meteor is going to hit the earth!” As concerned as my husband was to possibly be missing the very last baseball game, he stayed.

Click, click… Yup! It’s Big Brother again. “Dad, I need a snack.” That’s a shock! This time the movie gets paused and so matter of factly my son say’s “But the doctor said I can only eat a little bit of healthy food.” Suuuuure! That was a nice try though.

When I was waiting for my husband to return from getting my son’s snack, it got me thinking how blessed we are to have such a happy, imaginative little guy! Children can create an incredible amount of happiness in an instant. When they are happy there really is nothing more sweet, special and pure in this world. With those thoughts in mind I knew I had my making a difference topic for this week- The Hawn Foundation.

The Hawn Foundation “develops programs to help children find happiness and success in school and life.”

“By creating more optimistic classrooms and fostering more positive cultures in schools, we can help children lead happy, fulfilling lives”

“Our mission is to help young minds by nurturing resilience, hope, and optimism.” – Goldie Hawn, The Hawn Foundation


I encourage you to watch a few videos of Goldie Hawn speaking about the foundation she founded:

Goldie Hawn on Giving TV


Goldie Hawn Visits The Oprah Show


What is the number one thing parents say they want most for their children? For them to be happy! The Hawn foundation teaches children how to manage stress to lead happy, optimistic lives. What a different world this would be if we were all given these skills from an early age. Let’s make a difference in the world by giving today’s generation of children these life changing skills. With the right skills the power to create a beautiful world for our children is within them!

Please help spread the word about The Hawn Foundation! The more people excited about this remarkable and inspiring cause, the better off and happier our children will be. The brighter the future will be!



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