African Names for Children

If you hold the continent of Africa near and dear, you may want to consider adopting a name that originated in this land for your child. Along with the natural beauties and interesting culture, Africa is the birthplace of a number of interesting names that are both attractive and meaningful. By picking one of these names, you can increase the likelihood that your child’s name is distinctive from those of his classmates, while providing him with a moniker that truly means something.


Abebe is a girl’s name that originated in Africa. This name is ideal for a little girl who you view as a delicate flower because it comes from an African word meaning “blossomed.”


If you have a family of teachers, you might want to add the boy’s name Baruti to your list. This name means “educator,” making it ideal for the child that you add to your pack of chalk-toting teachers, or the one that you hope will make a mark on the world through the sharing of knowledge.


If you, like many proud parents, view your girl as a little princess, the name Adaeze may be the perfect choice. This name comes from an African word meaning “princess.” By picking this name, you can give your daughter’s title a regal feel while still reflecting the distinctive culture of Africa.


If your first thought upon viewing your sonogram or having your new infant boy placed tenderly in your arms is that he is almost impossibly small, the name Chiumbo may be the right choice. This name literally means “little,” making it ideal for the tiniest of tots.


Desta is a unisex name that originated in Africa. This name means “happiness,” making it a wonderful choice for your tiny joy-inducer.


If your little boy adds a whole new layer of happiness to your family, Dakarai may be the perfect moniker. This name translates to “child brings joy,” making it clearly reflective of the elation that you felt upon learning that you were going to be a mommy or birthing your new family addition.


Akin is a boy’s name that reflects courage. This name comes from an African word that means “brave boy,” making it the ideal option for parents who hope their child grows up to exhibit pressure under fire.



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