How to Wrap with a Gift Bag


Using gift bags to wrap gifts is less time-consuming than conventional gift wrappers. There is no need to do a lot of measuring, cutting and taping. Using gift bags is also environmentally friendlier than paper gift wrappers because they are reusable. These reasons are why many people prefer using them to wrap gifts. Gift bags come in different designs and sizes. There are gift bags made for birthdays, weddings, graduations, baptisms and many more. They also come in different materials, such as paper or fabric.

Step 1

Gift bag

Get a gift bag, preferably double or triple the size of the gift.

Step 2

Tissue papers

Lay the tissue papers down on top of a flat surface with the design facing down. Arrange the tissue papers on top of each other so that they overlap.

Step 3

Jewelry in a box

Wrap the gift with the tissue papers. Place the gift at the center of the tissue papers, lift all corners of the tissue papers up, put them together and scrunch them slightly to the center.

Step 4

Place the tissue papers with gift inside the gift bag. Make sure the top portions of the tissue papers are showing for a more attractive and festive appearance. Adjust the tissue papers neatly as needed.

Step 5

Curly ribbons

Tie the two handles of the gift bag with ribbons. Use curly ribbons or grosgrain ribbons achieve a fuller, more finished effect.

Step 6

Sign the gift tag and attach it to the handle of the gift bag or to one side of the gift bag using adhesive tape. You may also choose to insert a greeting card inside the gift bag instead of the smaller gift tag.

Step 7


Add embellishments to decorate your gift bag. Choose trinkets, small bells, craft items or silk flowers to adorn the gift bag.

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