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Blonde, black, brunette and red are the common hair colors that never go out of style. They all come with different shades and variations to choose from to complement any type of skin color. In 2010, however, there are different colors that you can experiment with if the usual hair colors no longer appeal to you. Try on these bold, daring and insanely different new hair colors for a spunkier you.


Violet hues, such as purple and blue-violet, are making waves as one of the new hair colors of the decade. Violet is a color that looks better as the day turns into night. If you want to color your hair violet, do it right the first time by hiring a professional to do it. This way you can guarantee that, unlike purple hair dyes sold in beauty stores, it does not bleed.

Choosing violet with a shorter hair such as a pixie or bob cut and then adding shine to it will give you a sleek look. Violet is a perfect choice if your hair is originally black so that even when your hair roots start to show, it can just look like a two-tone color combination of jet black and deep purple.


The yellow and orange shades that are popular currently mimic the colors of citrus fruits, such as lemons and oranges. Citrus colors are probably the most daring colors you can ever choose for your hair. Obtaining the right citrus colors often requires bleaching as part of the color transformation process, especially if your original hair color is dark brown or black.

Choose citrus colors if you have a fair skin complexion so that the color complements you well. Citrus may not look attractive if you have very dark or tanned complexion due to the stark color contrast the combination can produce. You can argue that donning bright hair colors already attracts enough attention already; there is no need to make the look awkward or disastrous.

Fire Red

Fire red is a color that you may want to have if you want to look fierce and brave. It is an intense hair color that is ideal for the fair skin complexion, but it can also work well for dark complexions. As shown at the Your Hairstyles website’s “Best 2010 Celebrity Hair Color,” famous singer Rihanna donned a fire-red hair color on her barber-cut hairdo. Her hair featured a razor cut at the back of her hair just above the neckline and just below the ears to show her natural black hair color, while the fire red color appears on the top part of her hair. The black and red resulted in a two-tone color combination that complements her style well.

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