Back-To-School Hairstyles


As a mom, you do not only worry about your kids school supplies and outfit, you want to make sure they also have proper hairstyles. The challenge is making your kid look cool to his classmates while keeping the style appropriate for school. After all, you don’t want the school sending your child back home because of an inappropriate hairstyle.

Buzz Cut for Boys

Although girls can also have buzz cuts, it is a more-popular look among boys. Buzz cuts are created with clippers or razors. The result looks similar to a military cut, which can give a clean, crisp look for your little boy. The buzz cut is a low-maintenance hairstyle that you will enjoy as much as your son will. This means no more bad hair days for your little boy. When he is getting up late and rushing for school, his hair will be the least of your worries.

Choose a buzz cut that is short and sleek, with ears exposed and leaving a little bit of hair (at least 1/4-inch long). Do not have the hairstylist shave his hair completely to avoid other kids from teasing or calling him names. Avoid going overboard with creative designs, such as zigzag, which are popular among more grown-up boys or men. If your little boy insists on a patterned buzz cut, check with the school first for guidelines. Some schools do not allow patterned hairstyles because they may distract other students or, worse, attract trouble.

Bob Hairstyles for Girls

A bob hairstyle works for girls of all ages. It does not go out of style. Ask the hairstylist to cut your little girl’s bob short, at her chin level. A bob hairstyle does not require a lot of work, whether with or without bangs. She can wear a headband or pair of hair clips as accessories if she likes, or she can leave her hair plain for a carefree look. When her hair grows a little longer, tie it with ponytail to give it another alternative without spending too much time with the upkeep.

Side-Swept Styles for Boys and Girls

Both boys and girls can wear side-swept styles, with a little variation to distinguish each sex. A side swept for boys is much shorter, with the length reaching the nape. Create the look similar to Zac Efron’s side-swept shaggy hair by parting the hair at one side and sweeping the bangs sideways. The style will look good on younger and older boys.

For girls, try having the hairstylist cut her hair at shoulder or neck level. Then, part her hair at the side and sweep the front hair sideways over her forehead. Add layers by cutting her tresses at different lengths for a more relaxed look. A side-swept hairstyle is generally easy to maintain, just shampoo, dry and add a little styling mousse to keep the bangs tamed



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