How to Talk to Your Kids About Drugs, Sex & Alcohol
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How to Talk to Your Kids About Drugs, Sex & Alcohol

As your children grow older, they will face many new challenges. As a mom, you should be prepared to help your children deal with these challenges and help them make the right decisions. From a young age, children are often pressured to try drugs or alcohol or engage in sexual activity. You need to sit down with your children and explain to them the risks involved with drugs, sex and alcohol before they learn all about it from their peers.

Step 1

Arrange a time to talk to your children on a regular basis. The time should be a natural part of your day or week, such as at a family meal. Avoid calling your children together for a special meeting or talk, as doing so will only make the situation more awkward. If you are closed off to your children regularly, they will be unwillingly to open up to you during a special family meeting.

Step 2

Ask your children what they are experiencing in school and among their peers. Odds are they know some other children who are drinking or trying drugs already. Depending on how old they are, they may even know someone who is pregnant. Listen to what your children tell you and avoid passing judgment on them or their peers. If your children sense that you disapprove of them, they will be less likely to share their experiences and concerns with you.

Step 3

Look for ways to bring up sex, drugs or alcohol naturally. If you see a beer or liquor commercial on television, explain to your children what is going on in the advertisement. Point out that all the people in the commercial are adults and that while they are having a good time with alcohol, they are also not drinking too much. Television or magazines may also have sexual content that will open the door for you to talk with your children about sex.

Step 4

Model the behavior you want to see. Keep an eye on how much you yourself drink and when you drink. If you need to take prescription pills or other drugs, do so carefully and explain to your children the purpose for the drugs and any harmful effects they may have if you take too many.

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