Fabric Protector Recalled Due to Respiratory Hazard


The Consumer Product and Safety Commission has recalled about 73,000 units of fabric protector. The fumes, vapor or spray from the protector pose a respiratory hazard to consumers. There have been 36 reports of overexposure to fumes, vapor or spray. The product was manufactured by Claire-Sprayway Inc., of Addison, Ill.

According to the CPSC, the fabric protector was sold under the following brand names: Sprayway® No. 980 Industrial Fabric Protector; 3D Fabric Protector; Auto Brite Fabric Protector Guardatela; Auto Magic® Fabric Protector No. 91-S; Crystal Aire Products #680 Fabric Protector; Falcon Labs® Spotless Fabric Protector; Quiltprotect™ Spray; Robbie’s™ Fabric Shield; Showcar Fabric Protector and Simoniz® System 5 Stain Sentry Fabric Protector. 

For more information, contact Claire-Sprayway toll-free at (877) 416-7324.

Until then, ladies, it's an excuse not to clean!



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