Easy & Fun Craft Games and Ideas for Kids


Children learn by playing. Craft projects allow children to strengthen fine motor skills, imagination skills and organization skills. If the craft is a group project, it will promote team-building skills. In addition to the many different skill sets that crafts help children develop, crafts can be a great deal of fun.


Craft projects help children remain challenged, which is an important element to their mental development. Fun and easy craft projects can be chosen on a graduated basis, depending on the maturity and ability level of the children who will put it together. If you are working with multiple ages in one group, many projects can be adapted for different ability levels, simply through the choice of materials and end product expectations. Choosing craft projects that incorporate easy-to-find materials, such as macaroni, glue, glitter and string, can unleash the imaginations of everyone from 4 to 15 years old. If you focus on simple crafts that can be created for little cost, you can have more participants.


Running out of materials before the kids have completed their craft projects can be disappointing for children. It is important when you are setting up a craft project that you have plenty of materials for them to use. A good rule of thumb is to prepare enough materials for one or two more children than you actually expect. This way, there will be additional materials available.


By choosing easy and fun craft projects, the children have the potential to discover their love of art. If you are using stickers, some children may line the stickers up in neat and tidy rows. Others, however, may decide to create a much more abstract design. The craft projects allow children to discover their true inner artist and display that artist to the world. One idea for fun and easy craft projects is to supply a wide array of materials and allow the children to have complete freedom in how they use them.


Crafts completed by children can serve as artwork for homes, pediatrician offices and other venues. Framing a picture, making a shadow box for 3-D projects and using display shelves can bring a child’s craft project to life. This will also give the child a boost of confidence as he watches you display his completed project.

Time Frame

Choose craft projects that will not take so long that the children lose interest. Keeping it fun and easy means not bogging the children down to the point that it feels like work. For example, you can spray paint various pasta shapes before having the children do the project. This will cut down on the time required to complete the project. Cutting the colored yarn into several different lengths can also save time on the front end. These steps will let children enjoy the creative process without having to spend much time on preparation.



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