Preschool Carnival Activities


The bright colors and engaging figures that traditionally fill carnivals make them popular with children. While you cannot necessarily take your preschooler to a carnival with the regularity he might like, you can always provide him with a carnival experience by setting up preschool-appropriate activities in which he can participate.

Pin the Nose on the Clown

Give the party favorite Pin the Tail on the Donkey a carnival spin by making it a game of Pin the Nose on the Clown. Create a nose-less clown face, and place it on a wall. Craft a large red nose that fits the prepared face. Blindfold your players and allow them to take turns placing the nose on the clown’s face.

Fishy Bowl Counting

Challenge your preschooler to improve upon his counting skills with a fishy bowl counting game. To prepare this game, write out the numbers 1 to 10, and create an assortment of fishy cut outs. Laminate your cut outs and numbers to waterproof them. Gather 10 transparent containers, filling each with water. Place your containers in a row, putting a number in each in no particular order. Give your kid the laminated fish and ask him to move down the line, placing the number of fish equal to each number label on each container. Encourage him to rush in his efforts by setting a time limit. Reward your child when he completes the task.

Emotion Ring Toss

Practice emotive expressions with your preschooler with a ring-toss game. To prepare this game, set up an assortment of purchased or homemade posts. Place a sign behind each, listing an emotion and depicting a face of an individual feeling this emotion. For example, place a sign that says “Happy” containing a smiley face behind one, and one containing the word “Sad” with a frowning face behind the other. Give your preschooler and other gathered players rings to toss at your prepared posts. Each time a player makes a ring, ask him to act out the emotion listed. Reward players with points or prizes not just for making the tosses, but also for acting out the emotions effectively.

Go Fishing

Give your guests the chance to test their carnival game skill with a go fishing activity. Create fishing poles with magnets. Use magnets, yarn and dowel rods. Next, prepare fish to catch by creating fish cut-outs in an assortment of colors. Attach a magnet to each. Write a prize on the back of each fish. Place your prepared fish in a barrel or tub. Allow players to step-up, and use the poles to catch one of your fish. Reward the player with the prize listed on the back of the fish he succeeds in catching.



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