Art Activities for Toddlers on Halloween
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Art Activities for Toddlers on Halloween

Halloween presents the perfect opportunity to do some themed crafts with your toddler. Little hands may not be ready for scissors yet, but parents can plan crafts that don’t require cutting or can do some of the cutting prep work.

Whether you want to create a goody bag for trick-or-treating, a part of a costume, or just something scary to hang on the refrigerator, you’re sure to find some easy crafts.

Paper-Plate Pumpkin

This craft requires two days. On the first day, your child should paint the paper plate with orange paint. She can use her fingers or a paint brush. Allow the paint to dry overnight. Before sitting down for the second day, you should cut out several eyes, noses and mouths from black paper, along with a rectangular green stem. Your child can choose from the face pieces to create a jack-o-lantern on her orange plate.

Ghost Painting

This craft is easy, even for the youngest toddlers. Start with black construction paper and allow your child to paint with white paint however he sees fit. Once the paint has dried, draw eyes and mouths on areas of the paper that look like ghosts. If your child is old enough, he can draw the eyes and mouths himself.

Handprint Spider

Trace your child’s hands onto black paper and cut out the shape, leaving the thumbs off. Your child can then glue the two hands together, with the heels of the hands touching to form an eight-legged spider. Add some googly eyes to complete the look.


You can also use paper plates to create a mask for a costume. Cut out the eyes (and nose and mouth, if you wish) and place two small holes on either side for string. Ask your child what she wants to be, then help her to create the mask. For example, she may choose something Halloween-related, like a witch or a monster, or she may choose something like an animal. Tie string to the holes on the sides so that she can wear the mask.

Shape Witch Treat Bag

Before you do this craft, cut out the pieces to make a witch face. Use geometric shapes to do this–a circle for the head and eyes, a triangle and rectangle for the hat, a triangle nose and an oval mouth, for example. Your child glues these pieces together to create a witch face on his trick-or-treat bag.

Lacing Projects

Lacing is a craft that builds fine motor skills in your child. Cut out two pieces of paper in a Halloween-themed shape, such as a ghost, pumpkin or witch. With these pieces of paper together, use a hole punch around the outside. Your child can then use yarn to sew the pieces together.

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