Preschool Activities for Winter
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Preschool Activities for Winter

In the colder winter months, have preschool activities lined up so that your children don’t get bored or go stir crazy from cabin fever. Since heading to the park or playing outdoors is contingent on the weather, it’s a good idea to have both outdoor and indoor activities planned for your preschooler. The best winter preschool activities will be age-appropriate and of interest to your child.

Outdoor Activities

If the weather is suitable for outdoor play, dress the children appropriately and head outside. If there is snow on the ground, you can suggest the children build snow forts, go sledding or make snow angels and snowmen.

Preschoolers also enjoy snow painting in winter. To make snow paint, mix food coloring and water in a spray bottle.

Ice skating at an outdoor rink or on a designated outdoor pond when the weather is cold enough to completely freeze the pond is another age-appropriate outdoor activity for preschoolers.

If there isn’t any snow or ice to play with, take your preschoolers to visit a local playground or encourage them to kick a ball around in the backyard.

Activities at Home

When you’re forced to stay inside with the kids, having an arsenal of indoor preschool activities ready can assure the children find something to do.

Preschoolers enjoy painting, coloring and making crafts. Some winter craft projects that are age-appropriate for preschoolers include cutting out snowflakes and creating snowmen out of construction paper.

Building blanket forts, making hot cocoa or baking ginger bread men or other seasonal goodies with parental assistance and supervision, and playing board games are other indoor preschool activities that can be enjoyed on the colder days of winter.

If you have a fireplace, toast marshmallows.

Winter Activity Classes

Enrolling your child in preschool activity classes during the winter months can help keep your child’s social life alive. In addition to getting your preschooler around his peers, winter activity classes can provide new skills. Many local ice arenas offer learn to skate programs that are appropriate for preschoolers. If your preschooler has an interest in hockey, you may wish to enroll him in a beginner’s hockey program. Group and individual skiing and snowboarding lessons for preschoolers can also be found at many ski resorts.

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