A Mother’s Day Card Kids Can Make


Homemade greeting cards tend to hold more meaning than the fabricated, store-bought variety. Help the children in your life make a special Mother’s Day card for their mom, as she’ll likely treasure the thought, time and love that went into creating the card far more than she would a card pulled off a shelf. Choose an easy design for young children who need your assistance, particularly if you’re helping numerous children make Mother’s Day cards at the same time.

Butterfly Card

Step 1

Cut two or three different colors of card stock or thick paper into two or three different-sized heart shapes. You’ll need two of each size. Cut out a long, thin oval shape in another color if you aren’t using a Popsicle stick. If the child is old enough to use scissors, draw the shapes on the paper and let him cut them out.

Step 2

Glue the smallest hearts onto the medium hearts, the medium hearts onto the largest hearts and the bottom tips of the two largest hearts to the oval or stick. It should now look like a butterfly with heart-shaped wings.

Step 3

Draw a face on the butterfly, write a message and decorate the wings. The child can draw the face, draw pictures on the wings, trace a message you wrote, glue pictures or use glitter and stickers, depending on her abilities.

Step 4

Attach the butterfly’s antennae. Use small pieces of paper or chenille stems, sometimes called pipe cleaners, as the antennae and secure with glue or tape.

Handprint Card

Step 1

Dip the child’s hand in non-toxic finger paint and help him transfer his handprint onto a piece of card stock or thick paper in the color of his choice. Try to create the handprint in the center of the card.

Step 2

Allow time for the paint to fully dry. If she decorates the card while the paint is wet, it will smudge and she’ll get messy.

Step 3

Decorate around the handprint with a Mother’s Day message, the date, the child’s name, drawings, stickers, glitter or faux gemstones.



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