Virtual Makeovers for Women

A virtual makeover can allow you to sample a new style without leaving your desk chair. Depending upon the software you choose, you can play with makeup or a new coiffure without the attendant real-world risks. Some applications even allow you to input measurements and experiment with clothing styles. If you’re nervous about trying something new or just want to experiment and play, virtual makeovers are an enjoyable and economical way to experiment with your style.

Prepare for Your Close-up

Virtual makeover programs, both commercial packaged software or online tools, allow you to upload a head shot of yourself or choose from a selection of models. Size requirements may vary, but you should choose a photo in which you are looking directly at the camera. Upload your photograph to the virtual makeover interface. For the most accurate result, use a clear photo that fits the recommended software guidelines. Some virtual makeover applications allow you to use your webcam to snap a picture on the spot.

Cosmetics to Contacts

You can try out hairstyles and colors with any virtual makeover. Choose a virtual makeover program with cosmetics, colored contacts and other fun features for a more comprehensive makeover. Fashion magazines and health and beauty corporations offer free online virtual makeovers, or you can select a purchased virtual makeover program. Some hair salons have professional-quality virtual makeovers available.

Play It Again

Even if you don’t traditionally enjoy computer games, virtual makeovers provide a whimsical activity for a girls’ night in that works for tweens, teens and adults. Invite a few friends over and pop open your laptops. Let everyone make over someone else for a party game that’s sure to be remembered. Choose a virtual makeover with a print option to preserve your memories for years to come.

Going Pro

If you’re pondering a big change, look for a salon that offers a virtual makeover service rather than relying upon free online tools. Avoid a flat, paper-doll appearance or generic, random results with a professional virtual makeover for custom-designed hair and makeup styling.


Your virtual makeover can give you an idea about how a style or color works with your face shape or coloring, but it can’t adequately factor in your lifestyle or hair type. Computer makeovers are best used as games and inspirations, but a skilled stylist can help you to modify the hairstyle and makeup you choose to fit your personal style or suggest a fresh approach.



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