DWTS Week 7 – Get Brooke’s Sexy Spooky Look


Steven Lake and Kristin Confer are the PhDs of hair. They bring over 30 years of experience, education, and teaching to the hair industry.

Their passion and insight set this Perfect Hair Duo up for success in creating, recreating, and sharing their vision and creativity behind the chair and on set.

Week 7: How to get Brooke Burke’s DWTS glam look from THIS week’s show!

Every week on Dancing with the Stars, Brooke Burke goes from “Mom” to “Glam!”

We’ve got some tips to help our modern moms recreate these looks at home.

“Pulp Fiction” Inspired Glam Bob (Wig) for Halloween

Wigs offer an instant way to step outside of ourselves and try on different personas.

We decided on this look for Brooke after trying on several different wigs.  It brings out her naughty side!

Extra Tips

  • Use a wig cap to keep your own hair hidden and secure.


  • Use hair pins to secure the wig.


  • Shop around, great wigs don’t have to cost a fortune.


Sexy Relaxed Tight Curls

1. On towel-dried hair, apply a volumizing spray or gel to the roots.  Use a curl activating cream on the ends.

2. Blowdry your hair completely.

3. Working with your natural part, use a 1/2 “ barrel curling iron, take 1” square sections all around the head, pinning each curl as you go.

4. Lightly spray your hair with a brushable finishing spray and let cool for at least 15 minutes (the more time, the better).

5. Release curls, starting at the bottom, and lightly finger through the curls as you go.

6. Flip your hair over, give a light spray and a good shake.

7. Finish with a light spray shine or hairspray.

Extra Tips

  • On medium to shorter hair curl 2” square sections (as opposed to 1” squares) to avoid looking like a poodle.


  • Use a curling rod and a heat resistant glove (instead of a traditional curling iron).


  • Avoid curling too close to the scalp or roots, to give a more current look.


PhD wants to know,  “What is YOUR favorite look so far of the season?”

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And get a sneak peek behind the scenes with these photos:

Marylin glamming up Brooke on Halloween

Marylin and Steven working on Brooke

Steven holding up Brooke’s hair while she gets “miked” for the show



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