Releasing Magic



How do you release magic in your life?

You see the beauty in things.

There is something exhilarating about seeing beauty in the ordinary. The best way I’ve found to practice seeing beauty and strengthen my inner artist’s eye is to take pictures of everyday objects. The things you might normally pass by or take for granted.

Honoring the ordinary through photography releases its magic. Within everything, each and every one of us lies magic, a life force sparkle. When you acknowledge the beauty in another you heighten their energy as well as your own. Seeing beauty is a very pure form of giving love.

When you acknowledge the beauty of a tree you are giving love. When you focus on the beauty of your children, you are giving them love. Concentrate on the beauty in everything, really see it and honor it.

At your next get together with a friend, mentally appreciate their beauty. You will strengthen your bond without even using words. That pure loving energy is a powerful uplifting force.

Love releases magic and creates happiness.



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