Halloween Games for Little Kids


Halloween can be a spooky time for the whole family, but if you have little kids, you don’t want to play games that will be too scary. Whether you are hosting a Halloween party or just want to have fun together, Halloween games for little kids allow even the youngest to play and have fun.

Pumpkin Match

Create several pairs of matching jack-o-lanterns out of construction paper. You can use different colors or shapes for the face pieces. For example, some might have circles for eyes, while others have triangles; some may have teeth, while others do not. Mix these up and lay them on the floor face down. Children then flip them over, trying to match two identical pumpkins.

Ghost Toss

Create a large ghost out of cardboard with a big hole for the mouth. Children take turns trying to throw bean bags — or any other type of object — into the ghost’s mouth. The child who gets the most in is the winner.

Monster Freeze Dance

Play Halloween music — the “Monster Mash” is particularly good — and have children dance around the room like a monster would. When you pause the music, the children must stop dancing and freeze in their current position. You can give bonus points for children who freeze in a scary position.

Pin the Nose on the Witch

Create a witch with a missing nose out of construction paper and hang it on the wall, at about the same level of the children. Give each child a nose, then blindfold them and spin them around. Once dizzy, children try to place the nose in the correct place. If your children are really young, you can eliminate either the spinning or the blindfold.

Pumpkin Bowling

Set up bowling pins across the room, then use a plastic pumpkin to act as the bowling ball. Children roll the ball and try to hit the pins. You can attach Halloween images, such as ghosts, witches or black cats, to each of the bowling pins.

Ghost Hunt

Create lollipop ghosts by wrapping a tissue over a lollipop, securing it and drawing a face over the lollipop. Hide these around the main party area and have children search for the ghosts. They get to eat the ones they find.



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