How to Make an Herb Garden


You can grow an herb garden, even if you only have a tiny windowsill or small back porch. Herbs do not need a lot of space to grow. Many will thrive in 6-inch-deep pots, provided they have plenty of sunlight, good soil and not too much water. The quickest way to start an herb garden is to grow four or five herbs in a single, long window box. Place the window box on a sill, or set it on the ground outside.

Step 1

Pour potting soil into your planter. Fill the planter about one-half or two-thirds full. Wear garden gloves to protect your hands, and use a spade to distribute the soil evenly.

Step 2

Make four small holes, evenly spaced apart, in the potting soil for the herbs. Don’t make the holes so deep that they reach to the bottom of the planter. You should still have a bit of soil underneath.

Step 3

Carefully slide each herb from its container, and gently work its root ball free.

Step 4

Place one herb in each of the holes in the planter, using the spade to distribute more potting soil around the roots.

Step 5

Pack the potting soil down, and water the plants thoroughly, saturating the soil.

Step 6

Set the planter outdoors in warmer weather or if you live in a climate that is warm year-round. Make sure you set it in a spot that gets plenty of sun every day. You can also put the planter in a south- or east-facing window, where it will get enough sunlight.



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