How to Prepare a Diabetes Travel Pack
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How to Prepare a Diabetes Travel Pack

Traveling with diabetes requires more preparation due to the special medical situation. A diabetes travel pack ensures you have all of the necessary diabetic supplies to address any medical issues that occur while you are away from home. The length of the trip affects the amount of supplies you should pack in the kit. Even short trips warrant the addition of a diabetes travel kit. Packing too many supplies is a much better situation than being caught short.

Step 1

Ask your doctor for a letter describing your medical condition, regular treatment and potential complications to carry with you on the trip. Ask for a prescription for any medications you take in case you need a refill while you are out of town.

Step 2

Pack your glucose meter and testing strips. Bring extra testing strips and batteries in case either runs low while you are away from home.

Step 3

Add your insulin into the diabetes kit, along with syringes and any other associated supplies. Pack the insulin so it does not get too hot or too cold, using cool packs if necessary. Avoid ice packs, which might make the insulin too cold and decrease its strength.

Step 4

Pack any prescription medications you take due to diabetes. Pack necessary over-the-counter drugs that help keep the side effects of diabetes under control.

Step 5

Add snacks to keep your blood sugar as level as possible. Pack glucose tablets, hard candy or other sugar sources in case your blood glucose gets really low.

Step 6

Pack your identification and other documents identifying you as a diabetic. Keep this information near the letter from the doctor.

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