Baby Shower Decorating Idea
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Baby Shower Decorating Idea

Baby showers are supposed to be joyous occasions that give family and friends an opportunity to celebrate a baby who is on her way or has recently arrived. Decorate for the baby shower to set the scene for the festivities and establish a theme and mood. Weave a common color scheme or theme throughout the shower. Use the same colors and designs in your decorations as you did on the invitations.

Streamers & Tulle

Hang decorations around the room or from posts or trees if the baby shower is outside. Drape streamers or tulle that complement the theme of the shower or color scheme. For example, twist dark brown and jungle green streamers together for a jungle shower theme. Hang a clothesline across the the room if you want something different from streamers. Clip a banner to the line or hang baby clothes from the line.


Tie clusters of balloons to the streamers in complementary colors and helium-filled balloons to chairs or centerpieces. Include Mylar balloons in shapes that complement the theme of the shower.


Make a banner to hang behind the gift table or the expectant mother’s seat. The banner can include baby things, such as bottles and diapers, or images that coordinate with the theme, such as carousels for a carnival theme. Write a message, such as “Honoring Beth and John Cooper” or “For Baby Isabella.”

Table Settings

Cover the tables in linens or tablecloths. Use linens for a formal baby shower, such as an afternoon tea baby shower, or simple tablecloths for a more casual celebration. For example, a western-themed baby shower might include red-and-white checkered tablecloths.


Create centerpieces for each table. The gift table might include a diaper cake decorated to complement the shower theme or the real baby shower cake. Use candles or flowers for a formal shower or themed items for a themed shower. For example, a beach pail with beach toys works for a beach-themed shower or model ships in glass bottles work for a nautical-themed shower.


Add baby items to your shower decor to make the purpose of the gathering obvious, and possibly supply the expectant parents with a few extra gifts. Rose bouquets made from baby booties can work as centerpieces or a special baby blanket can be draped over the baby’s mother’s chair. Oversized novelty items, such as large baby bottles, can also serve as props to hold favors, such as candies, or baby items to use as a gift and centerpiece. Linkydoodles are linkable candy that you can get in pink or blue and use to make adorable place card holders. They look so cute on the table and your guests can take them home.


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