Christmas Wedding Decoration Ideas
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Christmas Wedding Decoration Ideas

Your color scheme, wedding details and personality should be reflected in your wedding decorations. Choose decorations that incorporate the details you love about the holiday for your Christmas wedding, whether it’s the playful snowball fights, rich velvety textures or twinkling lights. Weave your color scheme, style and common images throughout your wedding, from your invitations to your decorations.


Set the tables with linens in your chosen Christmas color scheme. You have a number of color schemes to work with — white and silver, blue and silver, red and green, ivory and gold or red and gold. For example, use deep red tablecloths with gold runners and gold linen napkins. Use matching red chair covers with gold tulle bows that include greenery. Ivory or white linens can set the scene for a winter wonderland setting while darker linens provide the perfect backdrop for white or silver snowflake confetti.

Use Christmas dishes instead of fine china for a whimsical effect. Plates that depict snowmen, Christmas trees, wreaths or silver bells can add to your Christmas wedding decor.


Your Christmas centerpieces can be as simple as three cylinders with pine cones, water and floating candles, or as elaborate as “trees” made from dead twigs and branches. Fill a bucket or large container with sand and rocks to stabilize your makeshift trees and cover the bucket with colorful foil or fabric. Spray paint the branches white for a snowy look, if you desire. Hang twinkling lights or personalized Christmas decorations from the branches that double as favors for your guests. Alternatively, use miniature Christmas trees or poinsettias as the centerpieces.

Fill large vases or glass containers with colorful Christmas ornaments or pine cones with the tips spray painted white to mimic a light dusting of snow. Use Christmas wrapping paper to wrap favor boxes and arrange them on a silver or gold dessert platter. Put together gingerbread houses for each table, and wrap gingerbread men in cellophane and bows for favors. Hang a wreath above each table so that it dangles just above the table if you can. Or center a trio of different-sized pillar candles in the center of a wreath.

Around the Room

Include a full-sized Christmas tree near the entrance of the room, next to the cake table or behind the head table. Hang mistletoe above the dance floor or near the Christmas tree, which would make a scenic background for photos. Wrap silk poinsettia, ivy or a string of twinkling lights in tulle to drape around the room or wrap around any columns. Hang wreaths or swags of silk greenery on the walls. Stretch cotton out until it mimics a light snowfall and place it on the ground around tables or other areas that won’t include a lot of traffic. Faux snowmen or Santas can grace the room, as well, if they complement your Christmas wedding theme.

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