How to Pack for a Bus Trip


Plan wisely when packing for a bus trip. While buses do not have the same restrictions as airplanes do regarding baggage, you still have to make sure you do not bring certain items, such as sharp objects, firearms or a bottle of wine, on board. If you are traveling with small children, you want to make sure you have all necessities in your carry on baggage. Each person is generally allowed one piece of luggage stowed under the bus and one carry-on piece.

Step 1

Divide the items to be packed into two groups — those that will go in the main baggage and those that will go into your carry-on bag. You should pack snacks, water, your laptop and other entertainment items in the carry-on bag. You may also want to pack a sweater or other garment in the bag in case it gets chilly on the bus.

Step 2

Bring only the clothing you will need to save space and to make sure your bag comes in under weight. Both Greyhound and Mega Bus have 50-lb. weight limits on baggage. Bring one pair of socks, underwear and one shirt for each day of your trip, plus one extra in case of emergency, and several pairs of jeans or pants. You may want to pack an extra pair of shoes as well.

Step 3

Place the shoes in the bottom of the luggage. You may want to stuff the shoes with pairs of socks. Roll your pants and shirts instead of folding them to save space and to reduce wrinkles, and place them on top of the shoes. Stuff underwear and any remaining socks into crevices in the bag.

Step 4

Pack toiletries in a special toiletry bag or in a resealable plastic bag. If your shampoo bursts or leaks in the middle of the trip, it will not leak all over your clothing.

Step 5

Place anything you will need for the trip in a small carry-on bag. Keep the bag small for convenience. It will need to fit under the seat in front of you, comfortably in your lap, or in the overhead bin.


  • Read the bus line’s list of prohibited items thoroughly when packing. You do not want to have anything confiscated at the bus station.



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