9 Year Anniversary


Nine years ago today I married the love of my life, my best friend and soul mate. Every day he makes me smile and laugh, a lot! Besides being handsome, smart, kind and loving, he is also really funny. I love being with him!

Last week I was sick, feeling pretty crummy with a fever. My husband did so much extra work to help me out. Lots of cooking, cleaning, and he even took 2 kids with him to the store to buy groceries. Something I avoid doing!

I know my husband always has my back. There are a million things he does that shows how much he cares about me and our children, and that he wants the best for us. He’ll even watch my DVR recordings of Dr. Oz and Oprah, while listening to sports in one ear phone of course ;-).

Without him I’d probably never end up in the right place. I have no sense of direction. It is still hard for me to tell my left from my right on a good day. He is my North Star. Each and every moment we have together on this beautiful planet is a blessing, and today I’m so happy to be celebrating 9 years of those moments.

Happy Anniversary, my love!

I love you now & to infinity



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