How to Decorate a Nursery on a Budget


The expenses of a new baby add up quickly between necessary gear, clothing, baby care products and the nursery. As your due date nears, decorating the nursery becomes more of a priority. Even a limited budget allows you to create an inviting, baby-friendly nursery for the newest member of your family. Establishing the exact budget for the nursery design before you begin planning helps you narrow down the options to keep the project financially under control.

Step 1

Purchase a few main components of the nursery, such as the crib and dresser. Choose furniture that serves dual purposes, such as a low dresser you can also use as a change table or a convertible crib your child can use as a headboard when she is older. Consider furniture you already own, such as a dresser or rocking chair, that can be painted or refinished to save money.

Step 2

Purchase and make decorating decisions based on a specific theme or decorating style. Your personal preference plays a large role in the nursery decorating theme since your baby is too young to care.

Step 3

Paint the walls to fit the selected theme or style with no-VOC paint, which does not emit toxic chemicals like regular paint. The paint creates a new feel in the room with a small price tag. Use a stencil or removable wall stickers to dress up the walls inexpensively.

Step 4

Purchase a few decorative crib sheets that fit snugly instead of a full crib bedding set, which contains several items that present a suffocation hazard. Quilts, comforters, decorative pillows and regular bumper pads are not recommended for young babies, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Skipping the crib bedding set saves lots of money in your decorating budget.

Step 5

Add the theme and decorative touches through a few inexpensive items paired with more neutral furnishings that will last for several years. For example, you might buy a neutral lamp base but add a themed lamp shade to it. Trendy or very specific decor items might fall out of fashion quickly.

Step 6

Frame calendar pictures or pages from your favorite childhood books to decorate the walls inexpensively. Paint your own artist’s canvases for custom, inexpensive artwork.

Step 7

Purchase inexpensive baskets or canvas cubes as storage in the nursery. The storage containers also add decorative elements to the room.



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