Video Chat with Founders Jessica Alba & Christopher Gavigan


Recently, I received a package of Honest products to try out. It has been a joy knowing that everything I’m trying is non-toxic and safe for my family.

From the website:

“We like to dream big and we understand that even the smallest decisions can have big impacts – sometimes good, sometimes bad. We created The Honest Company to fulfill our big dreams, hoping we would make the right choices – following our hearts and consciences, with each detail and every decision – that would result in positive impacts (sounds kind of like parenting, right?).”

What I love about The Honest Company is that it’s simple. They do the research for you to make the safest, non-toxic products you and your family need, and they ship diapers, wipes, cleaners, and toiletries right to your door. No shopping at a bunch of different stores looking for products you can feel good about using on your family. No getting lost in the endless amounts of information on the internet, not knowing who to listen to and what advice to follow. Honest does it all for you, and the biggest gift of all is that they take away the worry! As a Mom of 2, I’m all too familiar with worrying about doing the best I can for my children, so I’m thankful to have one less worry on my list.

Generally speaking I’m really happy with everything I’ve tried. I especially love how wonderful and calming some of the scents are, such as the bubble bath. Safe doesn’t’ have to mean boring or even ugly for that matter. The packaging is beautiful and uplifting. It feels like a gift just opening it.

The only product I tried that I would say wasn’t the best match for me was the conditioner. Although I love the look and scent, my hair is very thick and dry, and tangles easily. I found my hair soaked up the conditioner quickly requiring extra products to comb through it. I would love to see Honest produce a line of conditioners for different hair types.

The more we spread the word and use our purchasing power to buy products that are safe for our children and families, the better off we all will be. The Honest Company is changing the world with their high standards, honest communication, and by giving back to support charities like Baby2Baby.

Not only am I thankful for the opportunity to try out the Honest products, I was beyond thrilled to be able to speak with founders Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan in a video chat:


An Honest Chat with Jessica Alba & Christophe?r Gavigan!

Thank you,, Jessica Alba, and Christopher Gavigan! It was a delight speaking with you!

Friends, thank you so much for being here! It means the world to me. You are the reason opportunities like this exist.

Have a beautiful day, and know anything is possible!

Disclosure: I received products for review purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review.



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