Adorable ModernDad Athletes


As we get ready to watch two QB dads – Tom Brady and Eli Manning – face off in the Super Bowl, I thought it was a good time to give athlete dads a shout out!

Just like moms, working dads try their best to do it all. Being a professional athlete, or coach requires lots of traveling, dealing with the pressure of winning and losing, and finding time to stay in shape. All those things can be hard on an athlete’s family.

These athletes/modern dads not only play their hearts out on the field and courts, but (as I imagine it) come home and get on the floor to play with their kids, give baths, and cook (or at least help clean up) dinners!

What’s better than seeing these guys on the field winning for their team, and knowing they are great family guys as well!!

Let’s take a look at a few great athletes and modern dads:

David Beckham

Soccer star David Beckham and wife Victoria Beckham have four kids, can’t slack around the house with that many kids!!!!  



With three active boys, I’m sure he is passing down his soccer moves to his sons. And David finally got his baby girl this fall, who wants to bet that she’ll be Daddy’s little girl?

Drew Brees

Who can forget this picture – taken after NFL quarterback Drew Brees won his first Super Bowl in 2009. Lifting up his son instead of the Super Bowl trophy – love it!!

Wife Brittany was actually pregnant during the Super Bowl,and welcomed their second son just nine months after. And earlier this week, Brees happily announced on Twitter that he is going to be a dad for the third time!

Cole Hamels

The Philadelphia Phillies pitcher became a dad during the 2009 World Series. The Phillies may have lost to the Yankees, but Hamels and Surivivor Star wife Heidi Strobel were over the moon with their newborn son (Their second son was born in 2011).  

They have been called the “Brangelina” of baseball, as they have made it known they want to adopt an AIDS baby from Ethiopia and help build a school for girls in Malawi!

Carmelo Anthony

A very stylish father and son duo! Watching this New York Knick’s family on wife’s reality show “LaLa Full Court Life” you can see how much Carmelo loves spending time with his son.

Peyton and Eli Manning

Peyton Manning and his wife Ashley welcomed twins – a boy and a girl – in 2011. The same year brother Eli Manning and wife Abby have a daughter,  Ava Frances. Growing up with a close family, and a great dad (Archie Manning), I can see these two brothers being great fun dads to their kids!!

Who are some of your favorite dads that are professional athletes?!




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