The Happiness Cycle




The universe dances in cycles.

Day and night.

Summer and winter.


Creativity up and downs.

Economic up and downs.

Healthy living ups and downs.

Relationship ups and downs.

Parenting ups and downs.

Energy flow ups and downs.


How can happiness remain a constant? Not only through the natural joy of life’s ups but especially in the downs.

The key to happiness in natural down cycles of life is acceptance. Acceptance of what is.

Happiness does not mean never experiencing a down, or never having a negative emotion. It means accepting them. Letting the negative emotions come up, allowing yourself to feel them, but learning to not let negativity overtake you (I’m still working on that ? ).

Be the watcher of your negative emotions and avoid them overcoming you. Instead of reacting accept. Acceptance is where happiness is found in the downs.

Having down cycles in life does not mean you have failed at living happily. It is the natural energy flow of the universe that we are such an important part of. Don’t suppress negativity. Feel it, observe it, but don’t become it. Remain who you truly are- a loving soul.  

Happiness may feel like euphoric joy in the ups, but that feeling will at some point come to an end like all things do. The joy can remain everlasting with core inner peace. During the downs you carry on with joy in your heart because you are at peace with acceptance.

Going with the flow of life, accepting the natural cyclical dance of the universe, by not resisting, not controlling. That is the door to everlasting peace.



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