Chicken Pox Itching Remedies


For many, chicken pix is a normal part of childhood. If your child hasn’t gotten the vaccination, you can plan that he will get it eventually. The most characteristic signs of chicken pox are the splotchy rash or scabs all over the body. These little rash marks tend to be annoyingly itchy. You can get your child to rest and relax, letting his body fight the infection, if you can relieve some of the itching.

Each Spot

Spots, rashes and little red dots may show up anywhere around the body. Depending on where they arrive, your child might be particularly annoyed by one or more little itches. Think about the pimples or mosquito bites that arrive on your body. Sometimes it’s difficult to ignore that one annoying spot. If your child is annoyed, give him his own small tube or bottle of chamomile lotion. Show him how to dot the lotion on the spot and bring his own relief.

Whole Body Relief

Young chicken pox sufferers can get mighty cranky when their whole body itches. Relieve their discomfort with a cooled bath. Make it warm enough that they will be happy to get in, but not too hot that it will dry their skin out. That will only make them itch more. Grind some dry oatmeal in your food processor and dump it into the tub. You can also find oatmeal bath products. Let your child soak in the bath, even two or three times a day, to combat the itchiness.

Stay Cozy

Keep your child comfortable in the blankets he uses and clothes he wears. Wash his sheets and use extra soft ones if they are available. Soft cotton, jersey, flannel or satin sheets might be a welcome relief. His discomfort may warrant purchasing a new set of soft pajamas. If not, wash his softest pajamas and let him wear those, even around the house, while he heals.


When the itching starts, all your child will want to do is scratch. If your child is old enough to understand, explain that scratching the scabs could cause scars. Show your child how to pat, tap or rub the itchy spots to stimulate the touch feeling without scratching or harming the skin. Keep your child’s hands clean and nails short so that he doesn’t spread germs into those spots. If your child is young, put mittens on her to keep her from scratching.

Extra Discomfort

The itching is exacerbated by the other discomforts of chicken pox. If your child is suffering from a fever, sore throat or stuffy nose, address those symptoms as well. The itching will only get worse if he feels uncomfortable in general. Humidifiers, warm liquids and lots of sleep can address these issues.



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