Easter Party Decorating


Easter parties are great opportunities for you to indulge in pastels and floral displays. Easter is a religious holiday for some and a celebration of springtime for everyone. Different cultures bake special cakes and make treats to distribute to children, who are the focus of many Easter holiday parties.

Time Frame

Easter traditionally falls on the Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox. Equinox refers to when night and day light are equal; it occurs twice a year. You might enjoy a warm sunny Easter Sunday one year, and then experience a cold drizzly holiday the next. Outdoor Easter brunches are ideal if nature cooperates, but putting a back-up plan in place is wise. Churchgoers usually enjoy Easter parties during the early afternoon after attending services or mass. Because Easter usually focuses on children, daytime parties are appropriate for most families.


Easter party decorations should make the event feel welcoming, cheerful and lighthearted. The springtime celebration is perfect for decorating with fresh flowers and greenery. Easter is about life and renewal, and the decorations should reflect that theme. You might choose to focus on traditional native religious customs, or you might celebrate Easter as a more secular holiday, focusing on bunnies, chicks and chocolates.


Decorated eggs are part of classic Easter decor. You dye hard-boiled eggs with vegetable dyes, or paint them with intricate patterns. Modern takes on Easter eggs include using clay and glitter to make fantastical creatures out of the oval shapes. Children enjoy decorating the eggs, and a friendly Easter egg competition keeps their interest levels high. Foods, such as baked glazed hams, make savory centerpieces, and large Easter breads covered with glazes and raisins come in many different shapes and sizes to decorate the table.


Making Easter Party decorations benefits the entire family because you are making everyone a part of the preparations. Younger children fold colorful napkins, and older kids can fill vases with freshly cut flowers. Baking fresh breads and sweets is a great way to spend quality time with children, and part of the fun is letting them get messy in the process.


Whenever making homemade edible decorations, consider food safety. Never leave out any dairy or egg-based products for long periods. Refrigerate perishables until serving, and monitor how long they stay out on the table. Easter dresses and suits usually feature pastel colors, so avoiding foods, such as cranberry juice or red wine, helps prevent emergency rushes to the bathroom for stain management.



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