Hairstyles That Make Women Look Thin

If you’ve been struggling to drop a few pounds, try creating the look of a slim-down by swapping your current hairstyle for a new one. While no amount of hair magic can completely transform your shape, selecting a hairstyle that appears to elongate your body and adds fullness to your tresses can make you appear somewhat thinner.

Swoop Bangs

Soften your face and draw attention to your eyes with a swoop bang. By adding swoop bangs to your current look, you take attention away from a less-than-slender neckline and bring it up to your face. Swoop bangs also give you the benefit of softening with bangs without creating a harsh, straight-across-the-forehead look that might leave your face looking pudgier than you’d like.

Long Styles

Some women worry that wearing their hair long will make them appear heavier than they actually are, but in fact, the opposite is often true. If you cut your hair at the neckline in a harsh bob or similar style, you may make yourself look chunky; by wearing your hair a bit longer, you add the illusion of length to your body. Long-hair styles are particularly wise choices for women who carry a bit of extra weight in the neck or upper arms because flowing locks detract from these plumper areas.

Layered Looks

By adding some volume to your hair, you can ensure that your locks draw the attention. Adding layers is an easy way to achieve extra volume. Ask your stylist to slice in a few long layers to give your hair movement and life. This haircut update will make it easier for you to style your hair into a voluminous and vibrant do and decrease the likelihood that your locks will rest lifelessly on your shoulders.

Soft Curls

A severe hair style is the enemy of any woman trying to look slimmer. Instead of wearing your hair stick straight, add in some soft curls by curling the ends with a large-barreled curling iron or curlers. Soft, curly locks will draw attention to your hair rather than to chunky body parts.



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