About Rug Cleaning


Rugs soften the look of your flooring, give your kids a soft place to rest and add style to the room. To keep rugs looking stylish and new, regular cleaning is necessary. Not all rug cleaning products and methods are safe for your rugs. Take time to learn the proper techniques for your favorite rugs.


Rugs receive lots of use each day, especially those located in high-traffic rooms. This means dirt, crumbs and stains are likely to build up on the rug. Cleaning your rugs on a regular basis removes the debris that detracts from a rug’s appearance. Regular cleaning helps to keep your carpet from looking dirty or old.


A vacuum is the primary tool needed for everyday cleaning of a rug. A stain remover is also important to keep on hand, especially with kids in the house who are more prone to spilling. Read the label of the stain remover to ensure it is safe on the type of rug you own.

Regular Cleaning

Vacuuming rugs several times a week removes any loose dirt, crumbs and other items that become stuck in the rug. Vacuuming can also make the rug look fluffier if it becomes matted, due to regular use. Avoid catching fringe pieces in the vacuum, which could cause them to fray or unravel.

Stain Removal

When it comes to stain removal, acting fast is key. Fast action allows you to begin removing the stain before it sets. Blot the stain with a clean, white cloth to remove as much as possible. Plain water might work to remove part of the stain from the rug. Dab a dampened cloth on the stain to draw it out. Continue rinsing and dabbing. An outside-to-inside motion prevents the stain from spreading further. A stain remover made specifically for the type of rug you own can help if water is not enough. You should always test stain removal products on a hidden area of the rug before using it on a larger spot. Thorough rinsing after you use the stain remover prevents residue being left behind to discolor the rug further. Dab with a clean, dampened towel to remove the cleaner fully.


The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends a professional deep cleaning for carpets every 12 to 18 months. A similar deep-clean schedule keeps your rugs looking their best. You can also help prevent dirt buildup in your rugs through the use of doormats and by taking off your shoes at the door. Replacing the filters in your heating and cooling unit reduces the amount of dust circulating in the home for less buildup in the rugs.



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